Extension Activity

Investigating Materials

Children will investigate different materials while they research the best insulator for a spacesuit.

Extension Activity

Build Your Own Soyuz

This extension activity supports Time for Launch - Activity 1.1 in Chapter One.

Earth to Principia

Budding young coders and mathematicians will enjoy this challenging activity.

The Solar System

Explore the Solar System, learning about the weather and conditions on each one.

Space Gardening

It's gardening time! Find out which foods are best to grow in space then design your garden.

Make a Splash in Space

Water is scarce on board the ISS and an intricate recycling systems allows astronauts to reuse every drop.

Experimentally Yours

Curiosity makes a great scientist! Design, draw and label an experiment to answer a scientific question.

Making History

Where are you in space history? Learn about key events on our space timeline.

Send a Postcard to Space

Write a postcard to the astronauts on the ISS and let them know you've made it back to Earth safely.

Signs of Life

This activity asks students to research Earth and Mars and draw them side-by-side, focusing on ‘signs of life’.

Mars Quiz

An interactive and entertaining way to find out more about Mars, for students and teachers.

Word Search 1

Can you find eight scientific words from Chapter 1? Don't forget to write them in your Space Glossary!

Going the Distance

Help students to comprehend the huge distance from Earth to Mars and how orbits effect it.

Weather on Mars

Students create their own infographic (or visual interpretation) of Mars weather data.

Mighty Mons

Study images of Olympus Mons from space, and create an interpretation of how it would look from the ground.

Martian Mechanics

This activity asks students to create a machine to get their rock samples back to an astronaut on Mars.

Planet X

Design your characters, plan your plot then a comic strip telling the story of life beyond Mars...

The Sky at Night

Plot the coordinates to reveal a star formation you can see with the naked eye.

Deep Space Quiz

Create a fun quiz to test your friends’ knowledge about the history of space observation.

Lights, Mirror, Action

Design a demonstration to show that light travels in straight lines, reflects off things and casts shadows.

Recipe for a Rainbow

Experiment with prisms and light, devising a step-by-step guide on how to make a rainbow.

Chapter Two Word Search

Can you find eight scientific words from Chapter 2? Add them to your Visual Dictionary of Deep Space!

Blueprint for Space

Complete the sums then follow the key to unveil the blueprint of your space telescope.

Mega Mirror Engineer

Solve this engineering challenge by designing a mirror that meets the guidelines in your brief.

Keep It Cool

Devise an experiment testing how to keep the infrared camera on your telescope super cool.

Pack Your Payload

Design how to fold up your huge telescope, so it will fit into the rocket taking it to space.

Parking Skills

Programme your telescope with a series of commands to guide it to its final destination.

Chapter Four Word Search

Can you find eight scientific words from Chapter 4? Add them to your Visual Dictionary of Deep Space!

First Findings

Analyse your telescope’s first infrared image to identify the new wonders you’ve discovered.

Chapter Five Word Search

Can you find eight scientific words from Chapter 5? Add them to your Visual Dictionary of Deep Space!