Build Your Own Soyuz

Principia Space Diary

Activity 1.1

Extension Activity for Time for Launch Extension Activity for Fast-Track Rendezvous

This extension activity supports Time for Launch - Activity 1.1 in Chapter One. In this activity, students learn about the two parts of the Soyuz and their functions. Students can then make their own Soyuz with either balloons, a UKSA template, or by designing their own and using craft materials. Students can examine images of the Soyuz capsule to determine which materials they should use.


  • Art and Design
  • Design and Technology (DT)
  • Primary Science / Working Scientifically

Learning Methods

  • Build
  • Creative Development
  • Design and Invent
  • Problem Solve
  • Research
Build Your Own Soyuz

Support Materials


Richard Garriott on being an Astronaut

Download Richard Garriott on being an Astronaut ↓

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