Principia Space Diary

Chapter by Chapter

Calling all Space Apprentices! Are you ready to journey into space with ESA Astronaut Tim Peake? Perfect for upper KS1/lower KS2 (or equivalent), the Principia Space Diary takes students on a mission to the International Space Station. From astronaut training to conducting experiments and observing Earth from beyond our atmosphere, students complete over 60 hours of STEM-literacy activities while they read, write, design, draw, experiment, code and decode. Its multimodal, hands-on and personalised approach foster student confidence and engagement, while embedding STEM learning.



Pre-launch: Astronauts Wanted!

Get fit, healthy and fully prepared to begin your Principia Space Apprenticeship


Chapter One: Goodbye to Earth!

Launch Day has arrived - it’s time for you to journey to the International Space Station!


Chapter Two: Space Chat

Languages, report writing and cracking codes - learn how astronauts communicate


Chapter Three: I Spy…

Get to know the International Space Station by exploring its unique structure


Chapter Four: Space for Science

Conduct experiments with Astronaut Tim Peake in a laboratory that’s out of this world


Chapter Five: To Boldly Go

It’s time to embark even further into space with the help of your robot friend


Chapter Six: Mission Finale

Your mission is coming to a close! Plan your route home and prepare to become an Earthling once more