Celebrate World Space Week!

October 4-10 is World Space Week and this year’s theme is ‘Space unites the world’!

Celebrate World Space Week!

At Discovery Diary HQ, we’ve been lucky enough to experience this first-hand, without even leaving Earth. Following ESA Astronaut Tim Peake’s Principia mission with the Space Diary helped us learn about how different nations work together on the International Space Station, conducting scientific experiments and studying Earth from afar.

Once Tim was safely back on Earth, our next mission was to venture even further – all the way to Mars. But we knew we’d need a robotic friend to help us on the Red Planet. And to make the best rover possible, we’d need input from STEM experts from across Europe. Through our Mars Diary, we met engineers, scientists, computer scientists, physicists and data experts working together to look for life on our cosmic neighbour.

Our next mission is going to take us further than we’ve ever been before: to deep space! With the help of the James Webb Space Telescope – a project which involves over 1200 scientists and technicians from 14 countries – we’re set to discover how stars are born, why planets form and whether there are any Earth-like planets in other galaxies. The Deep Space Diary is coming soon. Follow @curvedhousekids on Twitter or Facebook to find out more about this exciting new KS2 programme.

Help your young Space Explorers celebrate World Space Week and learn about collaboration with these fun activities:

United in Space

Your New Home

Making History for upper KS1/lower KS2

Making History for KS2

Robots in Space for upper KS1/lower KS2

Soyuz Re-entry

The Journey Home

Astronauts Wanted

Design Your Rover

Team Work

Weekend on Mars

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Happy adventuring into our greatest frontier!

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