Mars Diary

Chapter by Chapter

Mission Control to Mars Explorers: we need your help! Take your KS2 (or equivalent) students on an adventure to the Red Planet! Using the Mars Diary, students plan and execute a mission to search for signs of life. Its 60+ hours of STEM-literacy activities build Science Capital while challenging students to recruit a crew, invent a helpful rover, decode and analyse data and design a Martian habitat. Its multimodal, hands-on and personalised approach foster student confidence and engagement, while embedding STEM learning.


Chapter One: Life on Mars

Why do we send humans and robots into space? What will Mars be like, compared to Earth?

Mars Diary Chapter 3

Chapter Two: Plan Your Mission

Recruit your crew, pack your bag and design your rocket to launch your mission!

Mars Diary Chapter 6

Chapter Three: Your New Home

Explore your new home, from its climate to its terrain, then build a rover to help your research.

Mars Diary Chapter 4

Chapter Four: Science on Mars

Work with your rover to collect scientific samples then head to the lab. It's time to experiment!

Mars Diary Chapter 5

Chapter Five: Sustainable Living

Design a city that has everything you'll need for a happy, productive and safe life on Mars.

Mars Diary Chapter 2

Chapter Six: Mars and Beyond

Before you set off on your next space adventure, tell the people back on Earth why Mars is worth a visit.