Tim Peake returning to space

This just in: Tim Peake is to return to space.

Tim Peake returning to space

At London’s Science Museum’s unveiling of the Soyuz capsule which brought Tim Peake safely back to Earth, it was announced by Business Secretary Greg Clarke that Tim would be heading back to the ISS in the coming years. While there are few specific details about when the new mission would be launched, the European Space Agency confirmed the announcement with ESA director Jan Woerner, saying “We have organised that Tim can fly again. We hope you are ready for it, and we hope you are ready Tim.”

We can confirm we are definitely ready!

Read more about the news over at The Telegraph.

The Soyuz Capsule is now on display at the Science Museum. Plan your visit here.

For a fun way to celebrate this news, use the Space Diary 8 Minutes to Space activity to get children thinking about space travel.

Principia Space Diary 8 Minutes to Space

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