Free books for UK schools to celebrate Webb’s first discoveries!

UK teachers can sign up to receive a free box of the Deep Space Diary thanks to Webb Telescope UK and STFC.

Free books for UK schools to celebrate Webb’s first discoveries!

The world of space is about to receive a delivery! Over the summer, the James Webb Space Telescope will start to send back its very first images from space. These images are expected to reveal more about the Universe than even its predecessor, Hubble. The ongoing discoveries from Webb will provide amazing opportunities for topical science lessons throughout the 2022/2023 school year, so we are thrilled to be able to give away 3000 free copies of the Deep Space Diary to UK teachers. Don’t miss out! 

If you are currently teaching in the UK you are eligible for a class set of Deep Space Diaries. This includes 30 activity books for students, stickers, a welcome letter and a classroom poster. Register using the link below and, if successful, you will receive your books in September for the new school year. We have limited sets, so be quick. And feel free to share this with other teachers in your school so all students can share in the fun! We encourage schools from areas of socio-economic deprivation, or who have higher numbers of students on pupil premium, to register. 

About the Deep Space Diary & Webb Telescope
The James Webb Space Telescope (or simply Webb) launched on 25 December 2021. It is the largest space telescope ever built and is a global project, led by NASA, with some of its key experts in Europe and the UK. The Deep Space Diary makes this incredible human achievement accessible for younger students by delivering complex ideas in creative, interactive ways. The diary was also developed with, and features, a diverse group of real engineers and astronomers who have worked on Webb, inspiring the next generation of space explorers. 

The Deep Space Diary is a flexible, cross-curricular primary science resource for KS2 (or equivalent) that contains 23 Webb-themed activities that can be done consecutively (i.e. as a series of lessons) or cherry-picked for one-off lessons or events like space week. Students learn about the Solar System, light, coordinates, formal writing, D&T and coding, whilst enhancing researching and problem solving skills in the context of the Webb Telescope, a real ongoing space mission.

Sign up for Free Books by 15 July, 2022


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