Tim Peake to tour UK!

Tim Peake is heading off on his post-flight tour of the UK this month, visiting all four UK national capitals along with Leicester, Manchester, Salford and Glasgow.

Tim Peake to tour UK!

NASA astronaut and crewmate Tim Kopra will join Tim for the visits to Edinburgh, Belfast and London. Tim will be giving presentations at each city, giving his first-hand account about life onboard the ISS and talking about the important science experiments he conducted during his mission.

As part of Tim’s Principia mission, the UK Space Agency has invested £3 million in the biggest education and outreach initiative ever undertaken for an ESA astronaut. Over a million young people have taken part including over 60,000 UK school children that participated in our Space Diary programme!


Cardiff: 13 October 2016

Leicester: 14 October 2016

Manchester: 15 October 2016

Glasgow: 16 October 2016

Edinburgh: 17 October 2016

Belfast: 18 October 2016

London: 19 October 2016

Find out further information on the venues and times here.

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