Developing the Mars Diary

Just like a space mission needs many people with different skills to make it a success, the Mars Diary is a truly collaborative project involving authors, illustrators, designers, project coordinators, teaching experts and, of course, STEM experts.

Developing the Mars Diary

To get the project started, the Curved House Kids team, along with author Lucy Hawking and illustrator Ben Hawkes, met in London with experts at the UK Space Agency to plan out the chapters of the diary. This was a great opportunity for the Mars Diary Crew to ask lots of questions about methane, the ExoMars rover, planetary orbits and what alien life on Mars might look like.

After the team had filled their heads with lots of Mars knowledge and ideas, they brainstormed what each of the activities would be. These ideas were drawn up on a storyboard, which formed the plan for the book. We thought you might be interested in seeing the original drawing for an activity and the final version. Quite a contrast!

Design Your Mars Rover is in Chapter Three of the Mars Diary. Download it here.

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