Year of Engineering: 2018

2018 is the UK’s Year of Engineering! Get involved with our Design Your Spacesuit activity.

Year of Engineering: 2018

This year is the UK’s Year of Engineering! This government initiate celebrates engineering in all its diversity and is aimed at both primary and secondary students, so you’re sure to know quite a few budding young engineers who will be interested.

At Curved House Kids, we’re thrilled to have one of our Principia Space Diary activities included as a featured resource on the Year of Engineering resource portal. Our Design Your Spacesuit compliments the Design Your Own Rocket activity in the Mars Diary. Suitable for KS1/2 students (or equivalent in your area), it asks students to consider the special features that engineers have designed to ensure that humans are safe, both when they travel into space and working in an extraterrestrial environment.

Why not run an engineering day at your school, club or home, first designing a rocket and then a spacesuit? Your young space explorers will then be set to blast off on their mission!


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