Using our Curriculum Guides

Every child in your class is unique, so we’ve prepared ideas for differentiation for each Discovery Diary activity.

Using our Curriculum Guides

Every child in your classroom or home-learning environment is an individual with unique abilities and interests. Every teacher faces the challenge of helping each child reach her or his full potential. And because teachers are already so busy, we’ve developed ideas for differentiation for each of our Discovery Diary activities to make our programme as flexible as possible.

In each of our curriculum guides, you’ll not only find information about how each activity links to your particular curriculum, you’ll also find ideas for adapting activities to cater to lower ability and higher ability students in your class. These ideas are also included in the teaching notes for each activities, along with additional challenges. That way, all the children in your classroom will be able to confidently participate in their Discovery Diary activities while being appropriately challenged.

We love hearing how you’ve adapted or extended activities for your students. If you’d like to share your ideas, feel free to contact us.

Download our Curriculum Guides for each Diary from the Teacher Toolkit. Just select your area (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales) in the filter.


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