Teaching It Your Way

We love hearing about teachers who’ve put their own inventive spin on a Mars Diary activity.

Teaching It Your Way

One teacher of a KS2 class shared with us how she ran an extension activity based on Team Work (from Chapter 4 of the Mars Diary). After clearing a space in the classroom, she set up a Martian landscape by dropping a few rocks on the carpet. She then allocated roles to the children:

  1. the ExoMars rover, who was blindfolded
  2. the engineer in Mission Control, who would give commands to the rover
  3. the astronaut who would assist the rover
  4. Mars scientists for the rest of the class.

The engineer then gave ‘commands’ to the rover, from a limited range provided in the activity. When the rover reached a Mars rock, they were instructed to ‘collect’. The astronaut then retrieved the rock and took it to a ‘space laboratory’ set up in the class. The scientists looked at the rock under the microscope, measured and weighed it, then made a record of it.

The children loved adopting different roles and imagining they were Mars scientists. It was a simple and effective way of involving the whole class in an activity that asked them to work as a group.

If you’ve found an inventive way to use any of the Discovery Diary activities, we’d love to hear about it! Email us at info@curvedhousekids.com. Don’t forget to check out our Privacy Policy before sending us any photos of your students.

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