Star Apprentice Thomas and his love of Lego

Meet July’s Star Apprentice, Thomas! Thomas (11) wowed us with his superb work – especially his map and comment about going to Denmark.

Star Apprentice Thomas and his love of Lego

If anyone knows where we could get a space suit like the one Thomas designed, please do get in touch. Here Thomas answers some of our most important space questions.

What favourite food would you take up into space?


What do you find most interesting about space and space travel?

The whole concept that there is more than us out there.

What animal would you take into space?

My pet dog Georgie.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A Lego designer.

What activity would you like to try out if you were on the ISS?

Trying to build a Lego space shuttle, as all the pieces would be floating around.








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