Five ways to celebrate World Space Week 2019

Here’s five fun and easy STEAM activities to help you celebrate World Space Week 2019.

Five ways to celebrate World Space Week 2019

October 4-10 is World Space Week and this year the theme is The Moon: Gateway to the Stars.

Stuck for ideas on how you can celebrate with your young space explorers? Here are five, fun STEAM activities for primary-aged students that you can run at home, school or a STEM club.

1. Design a Rocket

Making the 384,400 km journey from Earth to the Moon is no easy task and needs a special vehicle. Design a rocket to get you there safely, remembering to include all the components on the checklist. Download the worksheet here.

2. Design a Spacesuit

Once you’ve landed on the Moon, you’ll need to take a moonwalk so that you can collect some samples to analyse back on Earth. To stay you safe, you’ll need a spacesuit that keeps you warm, provides you with oxygen and lets you communicate with Mission Control. Download the worksheet here. 

3. Write a Travel Blog

The view of Earth from the Moon is pretty impressive and you’re one of the lucky few humans to experience it. Write a travel blog to tell all the Earthlings back home what it’s like to be on the Moon. Download the worksheet here

4. Map Your Journey Home

Well done, Space Explorer! Your mission to the Moon has been a huge success and now it’s time to head back to Earth. Choose a safe landing site and then draw the route from it to your home. Download the worksheet here

5. Your Next Mission…

After such an amazing experience in space, we know you’ll be keen to go on another mission soon. But where will go you and what exciting things might you encounter there? Create a comic about your future space adventure! Download the worksheet here

Wishing you all a fabulous World Space Week!

Image credit: NASA Johnson

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