Deep Space Diary

Chapter by Chapter

Space observers, are you ready to uncover the secrets of the Universe? Explore the ultimate frontier with the James Webb Space Telescope! While designing and deploying a powerful telescope, KS2 (or equivalent) students learn about our Solar System, light, colour, infrared and much more. Fully supported with teaching resources, this 64-page programme empowers non-specialist educators to teach STEM while engaging students through 60+ hours of hands-on, multimodal, personalised learning.


deep space diary chapter one

Chapter One: Astronomer’s Bootcamp!

Get started by learning about the pioneering astronomers of the past

deep space diary chapter two

Chapter Two: Telescope Training

There’s more to light than meets the eye – find out about the light we cannot see

deep space diary chapter three

Chapter Three: Designing for Discovery

Build a space telescope big enough to capture light from distant stars

deep space diary chapter four

Chapter Four: Journey to Deep Space

Plan your telescope’s launch carefully, so that it reaches its destination

deep space diary chapter five

Chapter Five: Groundbreaking Discoveries

Your telescope has captured intriguing data that we need you to analyse

deep space diary chapter f

Chapter Six: Beyond Deep Space

Share your amazing discoveries with your fellow Earthlings, through words and images