Mars Diary Teacher Resource Book (Ebook, PDF)


Get ready to hit the Red Planet with the Mars Diary Teacher’s Resource Book. Arts-based STEM for ages 7-11, with over 60hrs of lessons and flexible, cross-curricular activities. This resources has been developed with Lucy Hawking and experts in the Space Exploration team at the UK Space Agency.

Take your KS2 students on a journey to the Red Planet! The Mars Diary Teacher Resource Book contains every activity in the Mission Mars Diary programme – ready to photocopy – along with a suite of teaching resources.

These resources allow students to plan and execute a mission to Mars with experts from the UK Space Agency’s Space Exploration department. From planning a rocket launch to driving a mars rover, students complete over 60 hours of STEM-literacy activities while they read, write, design, draw, experiment, code and decode. It’s multimodal, hands-on and personalised approach foster student confidence and engagement, while embedding STEM learning.

To make planning your lessons as simple as possible, this book includes our suggested teaching schedules to teach the programme over one week, a half-term or a full term, curriculum links, lesson plan templates, student reflection templates and all the other support materials you need. It also includes bonus information like STEM experts and teaching tips.

Save time downloading activities with this all-in-one resource book!

The Mars Diary has been created by Curved House Kids, author Lucy Hawking and a team of world-leading STEM experts, with the generous support of the UK Space Agency.