Corrections to Programme Content

Below are corrections to our programme content based on reader feedback, space news or new science that has come to light since publication. Corrections are shown in bold.

Where possible we will update and replace website content with these new corrections as they come to light. For content in our printed books we will list updates below and ensure revised editions carry these changes.

We welcome feedback from readers. Please email if you spot any errors.

Deep Space Diary Teacher Resource Book

Activity 1.1 Ancient Astronomy

Background to this Activity
Our Solar System is made up of eight planets, five dwarf planets (Ceres, Pluto, Eris, Humea and Makemake), over 200 moons, and millions of comets, asteroids and meteors.

Deep Space Diary Activity Book (first edition printed in 2019)

Page 41, Deep Space Decoder: an extra + has been spotted on the grid on the right, second from the bottom (where the answer is MIRROR). This has been corrected on the 2021 edition.

Page 42, Calibrate for Discovery: in the speech bubble this should say five points, not six points. This was corrected in the 2020 edition.


Your feedback is invaluable in helping us keep our books and resources up to date. If you spot any typos or errors please contact so we can get them updated.